Welcome to the UNH Glycomics Center


The Glycomics Center at University of New Hampshire is a comprehensive research and development center specialized in structural glycomics studies. Glycomics, a branch of Glycobiology, focuses on the systematic investigations of the glycan structures and functions of a given cell type or organism. Central applications at the Glycomics Center include analysis of therapeutic glycoprotein drugs, influenza in relation to viral receptors, studies of cancer biology and discovery of possible biomarkers of malignancy. Supporting these efforts are developments in analytical protocols, and bioinformatics that have aspirations for automation and high throughput analysis. These broad based activities bring together researchers, teachers and students in biochemistry, genetics, cell biology, chemistry, biotechnology, computational biology and medicine. In supporting these projects, the Glycomics Center provides the instrumentation and computational resources required to address research efforts lying at the center of these multiple disciplines. The Director of the Center is the leader and pioneer of the structural glycobiology field Professor Vernon N. Reinhold. The UNH Glycomics Center is located in the Department of Molecular, Cellular & Biomedical Sciences on the 4th floor of Gregg Hall on the UNH Durham campus.